Small Business Saturday can make your holidays a little easier

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, bellies are full and leftovers abound, the realization sets in that Christmas is just around the corner.

All the TV commercials that initially seemed to be playing too early in the season have transitioned into a constant reminder of all the things that need done before the end of the year rolls around. Whether you celebrate the holidays with large family gatherings, go on a trip to get away from it all, or just maybe throw a small shindig, one thing is almost always uniform across the board.

Shopping for presents.

For some, giving and receiving presents is the worst part of the holidays, and for others, it’s the best. Either way, it’s inevitable that some shopping will be involved during your holiday season, and one thing that can make that task a little easier is Small Business Saturday. Whether you approach Christmas shopping with excitement or with dread, Small Business Saturday can be your best friend!

In recent years, Small Business Saturday has developed into a nationwide day to support locally owned businesses throughout communities all across the country. Locally owned businesses in Lewisburg, Alderson, and more are going to be open for business and ready to help you with your shopping needs. Vendors can help you figure out what to get for that one person who is impossible to shop for, give you recommendations, and get you on your way. There are many bonuses to shopping locally, directly supporting the economy within your community is invaluable and helps make your town a thriving place to live.

With Cyber Monday and Black Friday being on the forefront of most people’s minds when it comes to holiday shopping, some forget that their own city can contain unique and personalized treasures right under their nose. In an eclectic and vibrant area like Greenbrier County, many artisans and local manufactures produce regional items that are sure to delight. This Saturday, make sure to take part in supporting your neighbors and friends.

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