Skills training on OB Hemorrhage at GVMC

Skills training is an important part of delivering quality care at healthcare facilities. Greenbrier Valley Medical Center (GVMC) recently hosted training on OB Hemorrhage funded by The Benedum Foundation and the WV Perinatal Perinatal Partnership.

Today, there is an increased number of OB Hemorrhage due to a higher national cesarean section rate, obesity, drug and tobacco use. OB Hemorrhage drills are extremely valuable in preparing staff to respond quickly and efficiently. Dr. Allan Chamberlain and Shauna Lively, RN, EdD discussed the latest updates on hemorrhage in obstetrics, followed by a demonstration and opportunity for participants to enhance essential skills through team practice on Noelle, the OB stimulator. Guidelines, sample policies and a workbook were given to participants. Upon completion of the class and demonstration of knowledge, participants were given continuing education credits.

Participants in the class included the entire OB nursing staff, Dr. Coy Flowers and Dr. Robert Wheeler, as well as staff from PACU, Brenda Patterson, RN and Eric Bailey, lab director, as well as GVMC staff educators Becky Doss and Dan Shelford.

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