Sheriff’s Office trains K9s

On Sunday, May 17, Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. C.R. Smith, who is one of our K9 officers, took advantage of the nice weather to train with his K9, Thelma, in the Rupert area.

Sgt. Smith trained with Patrolman Gaige Ratliff of the Alderson Police Department and Chief J.C. Wheeler of the Rupert Police Department, along with their K9 partners.

During this K9 training, Sgt. Smith didn’t let the opportunity pass by to allow his human partner and newest member of the Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Andrew Barnett, to participate.

You can easily pick out Deputy Barnett, as he is the one in the blue “bite suit” letting the K9s play with him.

We would like to take this time to say, welcome to the Sheriff’s Office, Deputy Barnett, buckle up and enjoy the ride!