Shanghai Parade winners announced

The annual Shanghai Parade was held at noon on Jan. 1 in downtown Lewisburg on a sunny, 31 degree day. The crowd was estimated at 2,500. There were 50 entries in this year’s parade. The winning entries are as follows:

• Antique Cars: 1st place, #162, Jerry Vance, 1948 Plymouth; 2nd place, #178, Floyd Parker, 1957 Chevrolet; 3rd place, #163, Elmer and Bonnie Tincher, 1983 London Roadster

• Equestrian: 1st place, #198, Laura Plumley, Princess & A Unicorn; 2nd place, #66, The Jousting Knights of the Hanlon-Lees Action Theatre; 3rd place, #197, Selena and Sarah Lucas, Elephant Woman with Giraffe & Zebra

• Animal/Animal Drawn: 1st place, #177, Marshalls & Herd, Pack of Dogs; 2nd place, #195, Jolene Workman, Indian on a Pony; 3rd place, #182, Mike and Randi of Potizehypnosis

• Best Dressed Farm Equipment: 1st place, #160 Lindsay Sears, Emily Meldrum, Chester Loudermilk, ‘52 Ford Tractor; 2nd place #171, Boone Tractor, New Holland; 3rd place, Boone Tractor, Massey Ferguson

• Float: 1st place, #184, Greenbrier Valley Academy Since 1975 – “We Are History in the Making”; 2nd place, #168, Lewis Theatre; 3rd place, #166, Shuck Memorial Baptist Church

• Specialty: 1st place, #189, Greenbrier Valley Bike Club – “It’s All About the Bike”; 2nd place, #165, “The Beardy Bunch”; 3rd place, #174, Jerry and Linda Clemons, “Biggest Loser”

• Walkers (1-2 persons): 1st place, #156, New Year’s Baby & Nurse Stover; 2nd place, #185, Jagger McNeely, Dancing Dragon; 3rd place, #191, Richard Grist and Polly

• Walkers (3+ persons): 1st place, #188, Witches of Washington Street; 2nd place, #180, The Dragon Squad – The Littles & Foster Kid; 3rd place, #194, Steelers Fan Club

• Super Duper Pooper Scooper: Lloyd and Garnette Haynes

• Joe Ellis Memorial Tradition Prize: #184, Greenbrier Valley Academy Since 1975 – “We Are History in the Making”

• Mary Satterfield Spirit of Shanghai Award: #188, Witches of Washington Street

• Chairman’s Award: #174, Jerry and Linda Clemons, “Biggest Loser”

• Jim Wills Memorial Award: #194, Steelers Fan Club

• Oldest Participant: Floyd Parker, 85


Mark Bowe’s “Elvis” shakes his bacon
Mark Bowe’s “Elvis” shakes his bacon

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