Secretary of State’s Office cancels over 30,000 outdated voter registration files

Prior to taking office, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner expressed concern over keeping West Virginia’s voter registration files up to date and accurate.

Upon taking office Jan. 16, Secretary of State Warner began acting on his concerns, and opened communication with the State’s 55 county clerks. Secretary Warner is pleased with the initial results.

The Elections Division within the Secretary of State’s Office confirmed on Friday morning that since Warner took office in January, the county clerks have canceled 36,635 outdated records from the voter registration files across the state. Cooperation continues between the county clerks statewide and the Secretary’s office to advance the voter registration list maintenance process to ensure voter file accuracy.

Regarding the county clerks efforts, Warner stated, “Since I took office in January, West Virginia county clerks have cancelled tens of thousands of outdated voter registrations. I applaud the continued effort by the county clerks to ensure an all-encompassing voter registration list maintenance process ensuring an accurate and up-to-date voter file.”

Using updated technology and tools, elections experts have estimated that the status of more than 100,000 registered voters in West Virginia – nearly 10 percent of our State’s registered voters – may have changed and may need to be removed from current voter rolls. Those status updates include voters who: 1) have moved from their initial registered address; 2) have died; or 3) have duplicate registration records on file.

Bringing voter registration files up to date will require continued cancellations by the county clerks. Secretary Warner is committed to providing his Elections Division and the county clerks the tools necessary to accomplish the shared goals.

In announcing the registration update on Friday, Warner said, “I’m dedicated to the partnership and cooperation with our county clerks to achieve clean and accurate elections that begin with updated voter registration files. Our team will remain focused on assisting county clerks with every tool possible from the Secretary of State’s Office.”

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