School district selects PowerSchool Assessment to drive instruction and increase student growth

PowerSchool Assessment was selected by West Virginia’s Greenbrier County School District to help teachers ensure personalized learning for each student and to ensure all students have mastered the State College and Career Ready Standards. PowerSchool is an intuitive tool that collects real-time data, enabling instant insight to instruction in order to close learning gaps and drive significant student growth.
“With over 5,000 students in our district, having PowerSchool Assessment will help us identify each student’s instructional needs,” said Vicky Cline, director of technology at Greenbrier School District. “The best part of the solution is its reporting functionality. We will have specific information about our students, where they are, and what teachers and students need to do to improve instructional outcomes.”
PowerSchool Assessment is a web-based application developed to give teachers tools that increase student growth and prepare students for end-of-year summative assessments. Teachers use formative assessments to track real-time student learning, pinpoint areas of weakness or misunderstanding, and adjust instruction accordingly. The solution empowers teachers and administrators to implement best practice instructional strategies for targeted, standards-based remediation to drive student success.
“PowerSchool Assessment will greatly complement the resources provided to our district by the West Virginia Department of Education,” stated Cline. “We will be able to improve teaching and learning throughout the year and continually monitor student progress. We strive for personalized learning so that we can bring every student along to where they need to be. PowerSchool Assessment will help us attain that goal.”