School calendar to stay the same

RalphGL / Pixabay

On Tuesday, the Greenbrier County Board of Education approved the 2014-2015 school calendar without any major changes. According to Superintendent Sallie Dalton, public forums and community surveys of parents, teachers and staff clearly indicate a desire for things to stay the same; therefore Dalton built the calendar to begin the school year just after the State Fair, and to end on May 22. This will leave intact a full week off for Thanksgiving, and still have a full winter break and a scheduled spring break.

As reported in the Daily News, Dalton explained, “The calendar is pretty traditional.” The calendar does allow students to attend school through June 30 if needed due to weather related cancellations.

In addition to the holiday, the week of Thanksgiving is also hunting season. With that many students and their families plan a weeklong vacation around that.

An additional tool added to next year will be a three hour delay, to be used when necessary in allowing for weather conditions to improve, and temperatures to rise enough to make school more viable on any given day.

The calendar Dalton will submit to the State Board for approval will have full-time faculty and staff reporting on Monday, Aug. 4; no one working during Fair Week Aug. 11-15; the first day of school will be on Monday, Aug. 18; Nov. 24-28 will be the Thanksgiving break; Dec. 24 – Jan. 2 will be the winter break; and unless modified over weather, the Spring Break will be Friday, Apr. 3 – Thursday, Apr. 8.

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