Schauffele wins first championship at Greenbrier Classic

By Mason Haynes

(Photo by Mason Haynes)
Schauffele and his caddy discuss tactics on the green.

It was a hot Sunday evening when Xander Schauffele claimed the first place position and won the $1.3 million dollar purse along with the beautiful trophy at the PGA golf tournament in White Sulphur Springs.

The competition was tight between Schauffele and the opposing golfer Robert Streb. However, Schauffele gained the advantage over Streb and putted a birdie which gave him the three points necessary to win the championship.

Shortly after his victory, Schauffele told both the media and the public about the strategies he used to win the championship. He  noted that one of his primary reasons for being successful was keeping a sound mind throughout the championship.

“I felt extremely nervous throughout the day but not so much earlier in the round,” Schauffele said. “I started to really feel nervous on the 16th hole so I started back to the basics and closed my eyes and took some deep breaths.”

Legendary, retired golf champion Lee Trevino gave a comment about Schauffele’s victory and encouraged him to never give up and be optimistic about his golfing future.

(Photo by Mason Haynes)
Lee Trevino (right) provides feedback to Xander’s spectacular performance.

“I was talking to a couple buddies of mine and I saw Xander performing good out there,” Trevino said. “He’s playing pretty well and I hope he continues to keep up the good work.”

Spectator Dan Meadows was with his wife and two kids who traveled all the way from Texas to spend several days watching the Greenbrier Classic. He said the long road trip was worthwhile.

“Me and my wife Carol came to the Greenbrier to watch the PGA Tour because golf is something I did when I was a young man growing up,” Meadows said.  “It’s amazing to see the potential of these golfers and I definitely like The Greenbrier because this would be a relaxing place to play golf all day”.

After Schauffele’s latest win at the PGA tournament held by The Greenbrier, he intends to compete in future championship golf tournaments in Europe. It is also likely that he will return to the next PGA championship at The Greenbrier resort in the summer of 2018.


(Photo by Mason Haynes)
Xander Schauffele holds the trophy as champion in 2017 PGA Greenbrier Classic.


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