Rose’s history with Planners

Rose’s history with Planners
Dear Editor:
I was not surprised at Rose’s dismissal of the certain planners at the Greenbrier County Planning Commission Meeting on the 24th instant, their terms being ending. I was, however, somewhat surprised the other members of the County Commission were apparently complicit in their rubber stamping this action. This was evidenced by the apparently stamped signatures on the dismissal letters, if they may be called such. Then again, maybe Commissioners McClung’s and Hanna’s signature stamps were used without their knowledge. I say this because Mr. Rose, in his remarks to the Planners, used the “I” word, and not the “we,”, probably 30 times.
Mr. Rose has problematic history with the Planners – he reduced the roster to 5 in his previous tenure on the County Commission. Mr. Rose, as County Commissioner, is by no means presenting himself as an intellectual colossus, but he has sufficient acumen to recognize his limitations, in this instance, the inability to compete in the arena of ideas, particularly with a large group of reasonably informed citizens. Hence, he pares the membership down to a manageable number. This number will most likely be a host of those in sympathy with his “different direction,” or more likely, those lacking direction of their own.
I was surprised that the usually erudite Doctor Gronan, he being one of the dismissed, was empathetic with the reduction as he thought it could be more expeditious. But expediency is not the barometer in planning for the county. A diversity of ideas and thoughtful examination of all issues would serve all citizens for the better. The single mindedness of my buddy Lowell C. Rose, especially as an elected official, may rarely ever be an adequate reflection of what is for the better future for Greenbrier County, even if he perceives his “different direction” as having resemblance to Divine Writ.
The remaining Planners chose [Courtney Jesser] as President, in spite of her poor attendance at the meetings. On leaving the Courthouse, I spoke with Mr. Kirk, just elected Vice-President of the Greenbrier County Planning Commission, with an empirical quasi-Plato comparison of Mr. Rose. Mr. Kirk looked startled, maybe even offended or dismayed by my choice of words. He has much to learn about local politics and Mr. Rose is all too willing to teach.
I fully understand the County Commission need for a ductile, obedient Planning Commission. Even a poor sailor can sail a calm sea. I am a long, long time observer and recently discharged member of the Planning Commission. This letter is not an expression of sour grapes, but an observation of the ongoing petty intrigue and cunning policy or procedural immurement pursued by the local politicos.
“… for that nothing doth more hurt in a state than that cunning men pass for wise.”
David Whitt

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