Ronceverte leaps into new era of communications technology

In an increasingly fast-paced world, where celebrity marriages last less than a month and YouTube sensations become international superstars, the next big change is never more than a day away

. But while some changes evoke a queasy sense of bewilderment, others are truly innovative, creating genuine, wholesome excitement in everyone they touch.

Next week, when Shentel’s installation of cutting edge Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network takes place in Ronceverte, residents will feel the excitement – finding they now have access to the most enhanced communications capabilities available.

Through an exciting partnership between the town and the new cable company, Shentel, construction has been underway to convert the town’s previously outdated cable infrastructure to a system equipped with state-of-the-art Internet, phone and television services.

Headlining the new offerings available is Shentel’s 101 Mbps Internet service, a high-tech option giving Web users the ability to download high definition (HD) movies, stream live video content and use multiple Internet-enabled devices simultaneously.

Additional offerings include dramatically upgraded cable and phone services. Literally overnight, cable customers will also go from having about 30 channels to having access to hundreds of cable TV entertainment selections. Various packages and channel tiers will be available, with the option to add whole home HD/DVR service, which allows customers to record and play their favorite shows anytime, in any room of the house.

Initial planning to upgrade Ronceverte’s communications started when the old network was abruptly abandoned by previous operators. Since then, Shentel has been working with the town to transform the entire system, adding and building fiber optic cabling necessary to offer the newest technological capabilities.

“It’s been a great experience to work with Ronceverte throughout the planning and development process for the new system here,” said Tom Whitaker, Vice President of Cable for Shentel. “The community has really welcomed us with open arms.”

The advanced home entertainment possibilities now available from Shentel make Ronceverte somewhat of a technological oasis given its geography. A small town situated in a predominantly rural area, it’s uncommon for communities like this to have such high-tech capabilities. The conversion has thrust Ronceverte into a top-tier communications system, giving residents “the same cable, Internet and phone quality you would find in New York or Los Angeles,” Whitaker said. “And it’s opportunities like this that make us proud of what we do as an organization.”

Over the past couple of months, the town and Shentel have held multiple on-site promotional events in order to inform community members about the new services and spread awareness on how people can sign up. For more information on the new Shentel services and packages available in Ronceverte, residents can visit or call 1-800-SHENTEL (1-800-743-6835).


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