Ronceverte Elementary students win Greenbrier Co. Young Writers Contest

Bryce Holley, 8, son of Ted Holley and Melanie and Nathaniel Tucker of Ronceverte, was announced to be Greenbrier County’s Young Writer’s Contest winner in grades one-two. Abby Fowler, daughter of John and Sherry Fowler of Ronceverte, was Greenbrier County’s winner in grades three-four.

Bryce’s story, titled “You Can Never Have Too Many Best Friends,” will go on to compete in the West Virginia State Young Writer’s Contest in Charleston, as well as Abby’s story, “The Girl and The Lion.”

Holley is a second grade student in Deborah W. Johnson’s class at Ronceverte Elementary School. Abby is a fourth grade student in Tony Thompson and Jessica Baker’s (Language Arts Teacher) classes. Johnson states, “Bryce is a creative student and never fails to amaze me. I’m very proud of him.”

Since its beginning in 1984, the Young Writer’s Contest has been held under the auspice of the West Virginia Writing Project. It is managed by CWVWP at MUGC with the help of the State Department of Education. Young Writer’s Contest, which is funded by the West Virginia Department of Education and supported by Marshall University Graduate College, the University of Charleston, and the Charleston Daily Mail, has grown to showcase and honor student writers in grade one through 12 in every county. Close to 1,000 students, teachers, parents, and family members attended the celebration last year at the University of Charleston. Such outstanding participation symbolizes the importance of writing for students and their teachers in West Virginia.


You Can Never Have

Too Many Best Friends!

By Bryce Holley


Hi, my name is Bryce and I’m in second grade. I want to tell you the story about how I met my best friends.

When I was in Kindergarten my teacher told our class we were getting a new student and her name was Jiya. When Jiya arrived, several of the kids laughed at her because she looked different. I went to her and asked her if she wanted to be my friend and she said, “Yes!” A few weeks later our class got another new student named Jaqueline. She was from Guatemala. I think the moment we saw each other we knew we were going to be best friends.

When the weather got nice enough to play outside we all played together on the swings, slides and jungle gym. The funny thing was that we seemed to read each other’s minds. We could finish each other’s sentences. It was awesome to have Jiya and Jaqueline as best friends. The days I met them were the best days of my life.

The three of us are all in the same second grade class this year and we added another best friend to our group named Brianna. She is really nice and we all exchanged phone numbers. Now we can text each other.

My parents like my choice in best friends too. I’ve had people make fun of me because I’m best friends with girls and I’m a boy but you know what? I don’t care. It’s all right to have girls as best friends. You can never have enough best friends whether they are boys or girls.


The Girl and the Lion

By Abby Fowler

Long ago, in a mysterious land, there was a kingdom. In this kingdom, King Erin and Queen Iris lived happily in their lovely palace with their daughter, Princess Meredith.

Mary, as they called her, was not so blithe. Her parents never let her have fun. So, she was always glum. But one day she got an idea. A sneaky, mischievous idea.

“I know exactly what I will do!” Mary exclaimed. Mary quickly found a satchel in her humongous closet. She carefully placed her most prized possessions in the bag. Next, she pulled out her toys and games out from under her elephant-sized bed. She kept them hidden from her parents. Otherwise, her parents would order the guards to take them. So, she packed her belongings. Then, she started scrounging in her giant dresser. She pulled out her finest clothes, and put them in her satchel.

Once Mary finished packing, she put pillows under the blanket to fool people that she was sleeping. She took out a golden whistle from inside a drawer. “It’s real!” Mary exclaimed. The whistle had been given to her in a dream. She went across her room, opened her window, and blew on the golden whistle.

Out of nowhere, a lion appeared! He was big, and very strong. His mane was gold like a dragon’s treasure. Mary gasped. The lion proudly walked toward Mary’s window. Mary gaped the whole time the lion walked over.

As the lion approached the bottom of the tower, he asked “Are you the one who has blown the Whistle of the Lion?” Mary shook her head, and blinked a few times. “You can talk?” she asked amazed. “Of course! I am Roran the Great!” said the lion. “Now, please come down here so I can talk to you.” “And how would I do that?” Mary asked sarcastically. “Jump!” Roran exclaimed. “Are you mad? Why would I ever…” Mary started. But the next thing she knew, Roran had kicked the wall of the tower, and she was falling. She screamed as she landed on Roran’s silky back. “Now, what seems to be the problem with your parents?” Roran asked. “They… they won’t let me have fun. Just because I… I’m a princess.” Mary answered, still startled from the fall. “Hmmm…” Roran mumbled, lost in thought. “I’ve got it! Tell them you know they love you, but you really want to have fun. Tell them it will make you happy.” Roran exclaimed. “OK. And by the way, my name is Princess Meredith, but you can call me Mary.” she said. “Mary! I’ll remember that name. It’s very beautiful.” Roran said. “Thank you!” said Mary as she walked up the magical steps that had just appeared. “Call for me any time with the whistle!” Roran exclaimed. “I will!” Mary said.

The next morning, she did what she was told, and it worked. After that, Mary and her family had the most fun they ever had.