Ronceverte City Council

Ronceverte City Council

will meet Monday, Nov. 3 at 7 p.m. in the Marie Leist Community Room, Ronceverte City Hall. On the agenda:

• Approval of Minutes

• Citizens’ Comments

• CVB Annual Report

• Committee Appointments

• Dunn Engineers Project Update

• 2008 Sewer Bond Draw Resolution

• Sewer Design Loan Draw Resolution

• Bond Ordinance 2014-03 – City of Ronceverte Sewer Revenue

Bonds, Series 2015A (West Virginia SRF Program); and Sewer

Revenue Bonds, Series 2015 B (West Virginia SRF Program)

• Note Ordinance 2014-04 – City of Ronceverte Sewer Grant Anticipation

Notes, Series 2015 (West Virginia Water Development Authority)

• Grant Resolutions/Information

• Recycling Program

• Christian Heritage Week Proclamation

• Administrator’s comments

• Council members’ comments


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