Ronceverte accused shooter tells his side of the story


Ronceverte resident Danny Clyde Windon, 59, charged with a felony and misdemeanor on Saturday, Feb. 22 for allegedly firing a gun too close to a house and roadway, spoke out days later to tell his side of the story. According to an exclusive report by WVNSTV59 News, Windon and his son had permission from the landowner, John McClung, to do some target practice. Windon said he has shot in that same area many times before, and has never had a complaint. Echoes from the shots may have made them sound closer than they actually were, Windon said when he took a reporter to the shooting site. Indentations were observed in the ground behind the target and appeared to be dug from the spent bullets.

State Trooper Nathan Hersman, who lives in the area and heard the shots, said it sounded like bullets were “whizzing” by his house. The homes where Hersman and others heard the shots were approximately 500 yards further up the hill from the target practice site.

“It’s a very steep hill,” Windon said. At the angle he said he was shooting, the bullets would have had to change directions in mid air. “I can’t say it did, only God knows the answer,” Windon said.

Windon was arrested after the shots were called in. The criminal complaint, filed by West Virginia State Trooper C.M. Wade, stated “the target, point of fire and the residence located on Moore Road, was within alignment.”

Windon’s bond was set at $4,000 for the felony offense. If found guilty, Windon faces “imprisonment in the penitentiary for not less than one year nor more than five years.” Bond for the misdemeanor was set at $1,000 and if found guilty, Windon could face a “fine not less than $5 nor more than $500, or jail not more than 100 days, or both.” Windon was released on both bonds.

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