Riders build trails, trails build riders


After volunteering many weeks during 2013 to build trails in the Greenbrier State Forest for the public, Merrick Tracy and colleague Stuart (Stu) Schwab have branched out and started a trail building business called Dirt Ways. They will be doing trail design and construction of multi-use trails for hiking, mountain biking and horses. The trails are low maintenance, with focus on erosion control and proper drainage.

“Dirt Ways has a policy of preserving the environment we work in, and leaving no trace but the trail,” says Tracy. Dirt Ways is now ready to build sustainable trails; and are able to offer machine rentals for both public and private entities.

Tracy is an experienced trail designer and builder. Being in the woods has been his career in one way or another for the past 15 years. He also owns Hill and Holler Bicycle Works in Lewisburg.

“In an effort to get some trails built around here, we started a trail building company and bought some machinery, which will make bench cutting trails in the rugged terrain of the state forest easier,” says Tracy.

Schwab, a United Bicycle Institute graduate and professional bicycle mechanic at Hill and Holler, builds progressive trail features to enhance the rider’s experience. Schwab is an avid mountain biker who races Enduro Downhill and Super D at the expert level. These races are growing in popularity and deal with endurance and technical riding.

The Dirt Ways team are available for consultation on a variety of levels to suit your needs. They can help with planning, funding and labor coordination for your trail. Rentals of equipment may be for a day or as long as a month.

Loving their work from concept to clean-up, the crew at Dirty Ways invite you to contact them at DirtWays@gmail.com, or by phone at 304-520-6396. For a visual, the Sutter 480 Trail Dozer is currently sitting at the base of Old Roads Trail in the Greenbrier State Forest. Check it out!