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Main Street White Sulphur Springs held its annual West Virginia Dandelion Festival Art Show at the White Sulphur Springs Public Library on Friday, May 27. Fifty-Nine adult entries by 24 artists were displayed at the show in nine different categories. Thirty-six student entries were also shown.
The following award winners were announced at the show. Marie M. Lewis took first place in Mixed Media with a brightly colored “Poppy Pop.” Lewis also earned second place in the same category with a vibrant still life, “Lilly & Friends.” David Marshall garnered a second place ribbon in Mixed Media with his oriental styled work, “Emperor’s Retreat.” Marianne Esteep’s deft brush work in her “Fraidy Cat” granted her the first place ribbon in Watercolor. Diane Mitchell brought home the second and third place ribbons in Watercolor for two entries, “Taking a Break” and “Golden Apples.”
In addition to two dimensional pieces, examples of three dimensional artworks were also exhibited at the Art Show, Marti Marshall was awarded first place for her detailed use of textiles in a piece called “Spirits of the Forest.” Misty Murray-Walkup took home a first place ribbon with her West Virginia-themed wood relief carving “Black Bears-Wild & Wonderful.” Judie Lewis also won a first place ribbon for her beautifully executed ceramic sculpture,“Cat.” Penelope Amore-Haworth took the first place ribbon for a restful picture of flowers by a river called “‘Brookside’ Purple Iris.” John Telisko gained the second place ribbon with an atmospheric “Winter Bird.” Shelby Oreolt took the third place ribbon with her realistic painting of a day lily called “Growing Wild.” Marianne Esteep was awarded the first place ribbon in pastels for her perspective-based piece “Serenity.” Mari Lee gathered the second and third place ribbons for her works in pastel, a landscape titled “Misty Morning” and a painting on an oriental structure called “Old Temple.” Dreama J. Morgan won the first place ribbon in photography with an impressively textured black and white photo titled “Garlic Scapes.” Linda M. Treadway won two second place ribbons in photography for her masterful manipulation of light. The pieces were titled “God’s Handiwork” and “Have You Lost Your Marbles.” Morgan finished out the photography category with her third place entry, “We Smile at Miles,” a composition of old trucks.
David Marshall took the third place ribbon in Acrylics for “Color & Shapes of Life,” a dynamic abstract piece. Kenny Bostic garnered the second place ribbon with his portrait of an African villager entitled “Jumanji.” Shelby Oreolt earned first place in Acrylic and Best of Show for her entry of a detailed white rooster called “Chick Magnet.”
The art show accepted applications from juvenile artists and received entries from several talented budding artists. Rylan Vaughan won Best of Show for the 1st – 4th grade entries with her work “Cactus.” Luke Dolin won Best of Show for 5th – 6th grade with his carving,“Walking/Hiking Stick.”
There were several impressive 9th -12th grade entries. Jaisey Shelton took third place for her colorful oil painting titled “Namaste.” Tia Walkup earned a second place ribbon with her watercolor “Autumn Splendor.” Garrett Jones took best of show in the 9th – 12th division with his stark oil painting entitled “BW Bee.”
After counting the votes submitted by visitors to the art show from Friday, May 27, to Sunday, May 29, two People’s Choice Awards were announced. Misty Murray-Walkup’s wood relief carving, “Black Bears-Wild & Wonderful” and 5th grade student A’lhane Mayo’s “Colorfully Hen” both earned the People’s Choice Award.
The White Sulphur Springs Public Library and the organizers of The West Virginia Dandelion Festival would like to thank all the sponsors and artists who made this very successful exhibit possible. They would also like to thank the very dedicated individuals who volunteered their time and energies into making the reception and exhibit a success.

A'lhane Mayo's Peoples Choice Colorfully Hen Misty Murray-Walkup's People's Choice Black Bears wild and   wonderful shelby oreolt's best of show Chick Magnet

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