Rhetoric means nothing

Dear Editor:

I have read a lot of rhetoric on what the candidates are going to do once elected – but have you ever seen them perform???? No; and the chances are you won’t!!

Appears to me that candidates are only interested in being re-elected. And as soon as they take office their every mission and action is their desire is to get re-elected. Their every action is to secure the next election’s vote. Don’t hear too much from them until it is near election time again – then they “squeal” loud and clear.

I echo loud and clear the message that Carole Williams, Shady Spring, wrote to the Editor in the Register Herald on Thursday, Oct. 2, 2014. She hit the “nail”on the head!!

My advice is and has been for years: vote only for the new candidate, never for the guy already in office. He/she only wants to be re-elected. He/she will say and do everything to try to get you to vote for them.

Robert v. Mitchell


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