Rhema Growth Groups continue

Growth Groups continue at Rhema Christian Center. Attendees are invited to join anytime throughout the study.

Coming up:

  • The Cutting Room Floor

Facilitators: Rob Frank / Steve Cooke

Friday,  Mar. 24 – May 26 (10 weeks) 6:30-8:30 p.m.

The term cutting room floor is used in the film industry as a figure of speech referring to unused footage not included in the finished film. Many times, images and themes in modern film are taken directly from the Bible, and more specifically, from the life of Jesus of Nazareth. But despite these images and themes there is no mention of God or Jesus. This class is intended to look at the images and themes of a limited number of modern films and see the unmentioned references to Jesus that landed on the cutting room floor.

  • Bible Study ‘Ephesians’

Facilitator: Pastor Stewart Farley

Wednesday, Apr. 5 – June 28 (13 weeks) 7 p.m.

Ephesians, unlike other epistles written to correct doctrinal error, reveals to mature believers the positional truth of who they are in Christ.  It also expounds on practical applications of this positional revelation to marriage, family, and everyday life.  Bob Yandian teaches, verse-by-verse, God’s empowering grace and the believer’s unprecedented authority.

  • Bible Study ‘Proverbs’

Facilitator: Lewie Moyer

Wednesday, Apr. 5 – June 21 (12 weeks) 7 p.m.

As Christians, we live in two worlds: natural and supernatural. Even with all our spiritual knowledge, we still have to live out our daily lives on this earth. That’s where the book of Proverbs, the subject of this study, comes in.  It is a prime reference source for wisdom in the practical details of daily existence. This book will give you spiritual truths you can apply to the natural responsibilities of life, ultimately displaying the wisdom of God before the world in your day-to-day life.

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