Response to Livesay letter

Dear Editor:

This is in response to James G. Livesay’s letter to the editor that appeared in the Feb. 27, 2016 paper. Apparently he either doesn’t keep well informed or has a poor memory. He claims Donald Trump cares about what happens to our country and to our citizens. However, Trump has shown time and time again that he cares about himself, not the US or Americans.

In the building of Trump Towers, Trump hired undocumented Polish workers instead of Americans to avoid having to pay local, unionized, American workers their contracted wages and benefits. The Polish workers didn’t wear hard hats, which was a safety violation. So Trump didn’t care about them either. Additionally, Trump’s clothing line is made in Mexico and China, and Trump had workers come in from a foreign country to work at his Georgia enterprise while millions of Americans were out of work.

Livesay claims Trump is funding himself, but Trump is only partially funding himself. Trump’s website has a contribute button. On TV, Trump said people have sent him contributions in the mail.

Livesay claims Trump is honest, but Trump called his school Trump University, knowing it was illegal to call it a university, and students didn’t receive what they paid for. Lawsuits are ongoing. And in a 24-hour period, Trump claimed two different net worths differing by $3.3 billion. At least one person believes Trump is worth millions, not billions as Trump claims.

Trump uses the law for his own economic benefit knowing his actions hurt Americans. So a Trump President is likely to make laws that will benefit him and his corporations without regard to how the laws affect Americans.

Trump’s corporations have declared bankruptcy four times. So consider it a possibility that a Trump President would start bankruptcy proceeding for the US government. Since Trump wants to increase military spending while the US is already in huge debt, it is easy to imagine. Some people believe that huge numbers of Americans and people in other countries would be devastated with some of the dying if the US government were to go bankrupt.

Read newspapers and online articles along with watching TV and online videos, avoiding poor sources, and you will figure out that Trump doesn’t have Americans or the US in his heart. Trump has shown he cares about himself. People call him a narcissist.

Christine Atwell



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