Response to ‘Big enough lie’

Dear Editor:

I just can’t let this letter written by Greg Zafros in the July 23 Mountain Messenger go without a response. Obviously he is in support of the Democrat agenda. Myself, I’m a registered Independent. Used to be a Democrat all of my life. Parents were Democrats. Staunch Democrats. I left the Democratic party several years ago, when I realized that the Democratic party has been taken over by the “Progressive Party.”

I’ve done a little research myself one on one with different friends of mine. Asking if they could tell me what a “PROGRESSIVE” is exactly. Not one could tell me. Actually, not one of them could even get close to defining what a Progressive is. What this told me was just about every person claiming to be Democrat, didn’t realize that what they grew up thinking a Democrat is, actually has NOTHING to do with what a modern day Democrat is! “Progressives” have hi-jacked, or taken over the Democratic party without firing a shot!

OK, let me give a brief explanation of a PROGRESSIVE. Starting way back during FDR’s time in the White House. FDR was basically a Socialist in disguise. He called his programs, one of which is Social Security, “THE NEW DEAL.” He didn’t want to alert the public to its Socialist ideology. He knew Americans would not stand for “Socialist” programs and would rebel against them. Socialists back then couldn’t come right out and call themselves Socialists. They knew they would probably get their butts kicked by Americans so they decided to call themselves “LIBERALS.” As time went by, the term “LIBERAL” fell out of favor. A while back during the early ‘90s the term “PROGRESSIVE” came into play. Either term, LIBERAL or PROGRESSIVE still means SOCIALIST! I want to quote one paragraph out of an article I found that was written in 2010 by a lady that was trying to warn Americans about what is taking place as we speak.

QUOTE: The Fabian Socialist Society was formed in Great Britain the same year as Karl Marx’s death, 1884. Not wishing to see Marxism fail, they decided to take a new approach to implement Marx’s Global Communism. They continue to exist today under various organizations such as the Democratic Socialist Party, the Communist Party, George Soro’s Open Society, and thousands more. They infiltrated American universities and government agencies and more. They now own the Democratic Party in the United States. They are known for such elitist control policies as eugenics, economic redistribution of wealth, evolution/Darwinism, central planning, control of the masses, and the like. They use governments and money to create power structures and manipulate populations. The word Progressive is supposed to make you think Progressives are forward thinking, however, their basic ideology is nothing more than Marxism from the 1800’s re-branded. No matter if you use the word Democratic Liberal or Democratic Progressive, the TRUE DEFINITION IS MARXIST SOCIALIST. End quote.

Mr. Zafros, who is telling the “big enough lie?”

How many times have I heard Hillary say “yes, I’m a Progressive.” She makes no bones about it. All you Democrats out there wondering exactly what happened to your political party, now you have an idea in which direction to start looking! Please do your own research and decide for yourself if this is what you want for our country. Personally, having been a Democrat, finding out what has happened, it really infuriates me. These people are literally stealing our country out from under our noses!

Mr. Zafros, you blatently compared the Republican Party to the Nazis of WWII! To me, that’s a real low blow. Totally uncalled for. Man, you better take a real close look at YOUR Party. You obviously don’t know what your Party has evolved into! People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!

James G. Livesay



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