Response to Atwell letter

Dear Editor:

Response to the Christine Atwell letter. In my letter on Feb. 27 I did what I think was a fair comparison of what we the people have been handed to deal with as far as our Democrat and Republican parties, that they have seen fit to dish out over the last 16 years. The war in Iraq and Obamacare. These two examples are just that, TWO EXAMPLES. Take my word for it, I could fill this newspaper from front to back with many, many more “examples” from both parties.

No one on earth is perfect by a long shot, and I don’t know anyone that can withstand having their entire lives being dissected and examined under a microscope. If you’re searching for something that can be used to discredit a person, regardless of who you are, etc., etc., you can always find something. In my opinion, that is what all these “establishment politicians” are doing right now to Donald Trump. They are desperate because they see their absolute grip on Capital Hill being jeopardized by an outsider. They are terrified that THEY are being undermined by someone that hasn’t been bought and paid for by that huge crowd of lobbyists in DC! The people that are afraid, they are afraid of the freebies that may just dry up.

I read the things that Ms. Atwell listed as bad things that Trump supposedly has been doing. The bankruptcies he used are the law of the land. Used by Democrats and Republicans every day in business. Nothing illegal about bankruptcy court.

The self-funding is true. He receives absolutely no money from the Republican National Committee. Any money that comes to him in donations he is giving that money to several of the Veterans’ organizations. Remember the 5 million dollars he raised when he skipped out of the debates in Iowa? That was a pretty admirable thing to do. That doesn’t sound like Trump is such a “narcissist” to me! I haven’t heard about ANY of the other candidates doing anything similar at all.

As a matter of fact with all your other so called facts that you are quoting, I ask this – were you there at Trumps Tower? Did you see these Polish workers running around without hardhats on? Didn’t he have supervisors running the different construction crews? I find it kind of funny to visualize Trump standing around yelling at workers to put their hardhats on! You think he might have had more important things to do with his time?

This one really gets me. You said, “at least one person believes Trump is worth millions, not billions as Trump claims.” Dag gone, wonder who that “ONE PERSON” is? And what difference does that make?

Let me tell you, Ms. Atwell, I do keep up with what’s going on in the world and for an almost 67-year-old, my memory serves me pretty good. That’s the problem with old geezers in this country, they were around when all the years of corruption have been going on. Politicians don’t like people with good memories! People like me have seen the non transparency! We have heard all these broken promises before! Over and over as a matter of fact. Personally, I am sick and tired of being lied to.

That is the point I was trying to make in the Feb. 27 letter. I am more than willing to give Trump the chance to try to straighten out what has been done to our Country by these self serving “ESTABLISHMENT” politicians. Why on earth would I be dumb enough to give my vote to another “ESTABLISHMENT” politician?!

DEFINITELY NOT THIS TIME!! Granted, Trump might not be perfect, but who is?


James G. Livesay


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