Resolution to protect the water

Dear Editor:

Several weeks back, the commissioners of Summers Co. WV saw the need to help protect the waters of the State and the region by passing a resolution. The resolution was brought about by the toxic poisoning of the waters of the Elk and the subsequent exposure of MCMH, a coal cleaning chemical, that threaten the homes of 300,000 people of nine counties.

This resolution was worked up by Commissioner Bill Lightner with the help of Mark Blumenstein of Summers Co., a water advocate since 1990. Lightner and Blumenstein worked back and forth on the wording and it was finally worked up with Summers County’s other  Commissioners. On the 8th day of February they passed this resolution and now it will serve, we hope, as a template for West Virginia’s other counties to help  protect the waters of our State.

Mark Blumenstein



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