Rep. Jenkins refuses to schedule Town Hall meeting


Dear Editor:

After multiple calls to request a town hall meeting in Lewisburg, Rep.  Evan Jenkins has failed to schedule one. I asked his office Tuesday to explain why. They said they could not tell me. What? Why not?

What worries you Rep. Jenkins… answering a few questions?

Are you unwilling to justify your votes and positions? Are you afraid to face the residents of Lewisburg to defend your multiple votes which will cause West Virginians harm?

Rep. Jenkins, please do your job… schedule a town hall meeting,  be accountable. Answer those questions that concern your constituents.

Demonstrate some leadership and courage. Your job is to represent all the people, not just the narrow special interests who fund your campaign.

Please join me if you think Rep. Evan Jenkins should show up and talk to us in person. Call his DC office at 202-225-3452 to request a town hall in Lewisburg.

Pamela Barry

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