Renick Community Center hosts Boy Scouts during Jamboree

The Renick Community Center had the privilege of sponsoring the Boy Scouts for service projects during the summer 2013 Jamboree. The Scouts completed many necessary tasks for the center including washing windows, dusting draperies, arranging canned foods on storage shelves, cleaning the deep freezer, weeding and building a rail fence in front of the center. Materials for the fence were donated by the Renick Ruritan Club.

In addition to their work, the Scouts had the opportunity to learn basic canine first aid from Dr. Lillie Sledge, DVM of Frankford Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Sledge and veterinary assistant Cris Weber demonstrated how the young men could apply their knowledge of human first aid to the care of dogs. She discussed how to monitor for signs of heat stroke and taught the Scouts bandaging techniques. Dr. Sledge’s Blue Heeler/Border Collie named DayLee served as a patient. Dr. Sledge explained, “We had DayLee available so that the young men could actually apply an easy, light weight bandage on her paw or chest, so they could get a feel of what it is like to apply the bandage on a real dog. Of course, she wasn’t actually hurt and was very calm unlike most hurt dogs, but this gave the young men a good opportunity to apply the bandage properly.”

Adding to the enjoyment of the day, the Scouts were served cookies and other refreshments provided by Renick Community Center Volunteers. Volunteer Coordinator and board member Layunna Rapp said “It was an experience we will always cherish. We are very thankful to Dr. Sledge and Cris Weber for their participation and to the Boy Scouts who were extremely polite, appreciative and loving.”

The Renick Community Center was established in 2002 by volunteers who wanted to build a sense of community and lay the groundwork for future growth in an area facing many geographic and economic challenges. Its mission is to ensure the creation of a centralized community building which will meet the needs of the citizens of Renick by encouraging civic programs and activities for the young and old alike.

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