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Gretchen Graves of GES received an unexpected $500 donation from Greenworks Recycling coordinator David Esteppe
Gretchen Graves of GES received an unexpected $500 donation from Greenworks Recycling coordinator David Esteppe

orks Recycling, in Lewisburg, made its second annual donation to an area non-profit Wednesday. The $500 donation went to the Greenbrier Episcopal School (GES) in Lewisburg. Last year’s donation was to the Greenbrier Humane Society in the same amount.

Gretchen Graves, director of GES, was very excited about receiving the unexpected donation. “We are very appreciative of what Greenworks is doing. Our school emphasizes the value of recycling to our student body; and to know that our efforts are paying off and that we are being rewarded with this donation is so great. I cannot wait to tell our board.” She stated that the money would be used for the scholarship fund for students who need it.

GES has a highly academic curriculum, yet also emphasizes each student’s self worth and their role in society. Some members of the school had great things to say about their school. “It is an advanced and localized education, where the teachers can teach more effectively with small class sizes, and because the kids care,” says Wyatt Bair. Annie Winebrenner says, “It is a place for conversation and discussion, where you can dig below the surface.” Isaiah Gammon says, “It is a place to grow up with friends and a place to learn in a fun way.” Jules Kessler says, “It’s a community in which all people are welcome and cherished for being their best selves.”

Greenworks Recycling is a residential and commercial pick-up service created to provide employment to members of our community; and to eliminate the amount of waste making its way into our landfills. The small business collects plastics, glass, electronics, paper, cardboard and cans, or anything made with metal from Greenbrier County residences and businesses for a small fee. The materials are disseminated to recycling collection centers in Ronceverte, Covington and Beckley. The glass is shipped out of state, and Greenworks estimates that its service keeps approximately 250,000 pounds of glass out of our landfill annually. There is no other pick-up service dealing with glass in Greenbrier County. The money for the annual donation is raised from the sale of aluminum and steel cans, and anything made of metal. It took two years to raise the first $500 donation. It only took 15 months this time to get $500 from selling what would have ended up in our landfill.

Along with the residential customers, Greenworks Recycling would like to thank the following businesses for their loyal support in using our recycling services: Edith’s Health and Specialty Store, TLP, Inc, Greenbrier Chiropractic, Hill and Holler Bicycle Shop, The Livery, Stellas, Greenbrier Valley Bakery, The Front Porch, Mountain Messenger, Beer and Eat Tavern, The 19th Hole, American Beer Company, The Wildbean, The Summit, Greenbrier Sporting Club, Riverside Nursery, Creekside Resort, Irish Pub and its Bodega, Seneca Animal Hospital, Swift Level Farm; as well as the nonprofits Greenbrier Humane Society, Habitat for Humanity, Appalachian Mountain Advocates, Carnegie Hall and Division of Rehabilitative Services, Greenbrier Episcopal School, and The Spring.

Greenworks Recycling gives an extra shout out to the City of Lewisburg and Mayor John Manchester for the enormous support in our recycling efforts.

For information about Greenworks Recycling you may call 304-645-2130 Extension 338.

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