Recent case studies a component of corrections studies at New River

Students pursuing a degree in Corrections at New River Community and Technical College often review case studies as part of their coursework, sometimes with unexpected results.

“We discuss current news of problems and situations in the correctional systems in the United States, and the students research the cases and sometimes find a surprising local connection,” explained Jerry Dale, assistant professor of Criminal Justice at the Greenbrier Valley Campus in Lewisburg.

In a recent project, the students examined the case of convicted murder John Paul Franklin, who was executed by the state of Missouri in November. He had admitted to 22 murders and received the death penalty in trials in seven states. In addition, he was also found guilty of the attempted murder of Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flint. All of his crimes were racially motivated.

“To the students’ surprise, they found a Greenbrier Valley connection to Franklin,” Dale noted.

The students discovered that William Pierce, the late leader of the National Alliance neo-Nazi group headquartered in Mill Point in Pocahontas County, praised John Paul Franklin in the dedication of his second book, Hunter.

This type of research is what makes these majors particularly interesting to students in the Corrections and Law Enforcement programs. Another attraction is the job market in this region, with four federal prisons and five state prisons operating in the southeastern part of the state.

Prospective students interested in Corrections or Law Enforcement can enroll for classes through Jan. 3. All college offices will be closed for winter break Dec. 23 – Jan 1, so students are encouraged to enroll by Dec. 20.

For more information, visit the Greenbrier Valley Campus at 101 Church Street in Lewisburg or call 304-647-6560.


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