‘Reason for the Season’

Dear Editor:

Another Christmas season is here and I want to honor Jesus Christ who is the “Reason for the Season.” The only reason to celebrate is because it is His birthday. Yet many celebrate and never give the “guest of honor” any thought. Had Jesus not been born there would be no Christmas and therefore no reason to celebrate. So it seems He ends up being the uninvited guest when He should be the “honored guest.” Jesus is the “Reason for the Season” and the only reason.

Jesus came to die for all of us so we could live and have hope in this world. He gave His life – no greater gift could ever by given.

Christmas fills my heart with “Love” because God first loved me, “Joy” because Christ, the Savior is my honored guest, “Peace” because my heart belongs to Him and “Hope” because without Him I would have no hope.

What greater gift could ever be given and it can be yours for the asking. Don’t forget the “Guest of Honor” during this Holy Season and always.

I wish for everyone the most “Blessed Christmas” ever.

Janet Quick


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