Re: Town Hall meetings

Dear Editor:

Like many people here and across the country, I’ve implored representatives to come hold town meetings. I’ve corresponded in all types of ways – email, snail mail, and phone calls – over and over again asking for Senators Shelly Moore Capito, Joe Manchin and Congressman Evan Jenkins to schedule constituent meetings in the area.

Many of my friends, neighbors and I have questions; we have concerns! We wish to SPEAK to our senators and congressman AND NOT THEIR EMPLOYEES!! Thankfully, Senator Manchin used his Easter break to meet folks in Hinton! Congressman Jenkins, on the other hand, descended upon Alderson for a photo opportunity at the federal prison and quickly scooted out of the area.

I now know both Senator Capito and Congressman Jenkins are scheduled to speak at The State Fairgrounds in Fairlea for The Ronald Reagan Dinner on May 13, a fundraiser under the auspices of The Conservative Political Action Conference. Should I assume Greenbrier/Monroe/Pocahontas/ Summers have enough deep pocket donors to make it worth their while to show up at a fundraiser at the fairgrounds? Should I also assume Senator Capito’s and Congressman Jenkins’ subordinates sent here to meet with folks are employed to minimize and deflect the importance of constituent representation outside of fundraising activities? Is that how they work? If so, I’m appalled!

What I find particularly galling in the present political environment is the extent to which the word “mandate” is being parsed as reason enough to pursue agendas that speak to less than half of the country’s citizens. Whatever happened to the common pursuit of “health, safety, and welfare for the good of ALL THE PEOPLE?” This speaks to both parties regardless of red state, blue state, majority, or minority!

I’ve never missed voting – never! It’s my civic duty, my right and my responsibility. In return for that constitutional compact, my senators and my congressmen should endeavor to answer to me, to us, to  “we the people.” I don’t believe our founders ever imagined our two-party political system would be so entrenched in “we who write the checks choose those who serve in the three branches of government.”

In closing, I ask Senator Capito and Congressman Jenkins to come meet with us for a town hall meeting!


Ellen Lorish

Caldwell, WV

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