Re: Town Hall meetings  


Dear Editor:

Ms. Ellen Lorish writes that she cannot get her U.S. Senators and Representatives to conduct a town hall meeting in Lewisburg. She excuses Senator Manchin as he spoke to citizens in Hinton. But Ms. Lorish doesn’t wish to speak with Senator Capito and Rep. Jenkins, She says “We wish to SPEAK to our senators and congressman AND NOT THEIR EMPLOYEES!!” Speaking TO indicates a one way exchange of words, and Ms. Lorish doesn’t say anything about a two-way conversation, calm and polite atmosphere, no yelling at, no over talking, no physical intimidation, as appears to be the norm when Republicans hold town hall meetings, and, happened when “their employees” were in Lewisburg.

Also Ms. Lorish should also check her “now know” source for information on the Greenbrier County Republican Club Trump Train Dinner at the WV Fairgrounds this Saturday, which is not a fund raiser for our Senator or Congressman, but where both have agreed to be Guest Speakers. All funds raised will be retained by the Republican Club whose members are local residents who live and work in the County. Should Ms. Lorish wish to attend, I will gladly purchase tickets for her and a guest, if she promises polite listening and questioning if she is recognized to ask a question.

As former President Obama said, “Elections have consequences.”

Frank W. Tuckwiller