Re: May 6 letter


Dear Editor:

After reading the Opinion Page of the May 6 Mountain Messenger, I am compelled to correct several erroneous statements in the letter from Ellen Lorish and to chide the editorialist for quoting only Senator Manchin’s press releases while ignoring those of Senator Capito and Congressman Jenkins.

Yes, Senator Capito and Congressman Jenkins are scheduled to speak at the State Fairgrounds, in the Underwood Building (named after Republican Governor Cecil Underwood). Nothing else about the event is true as Ellen Lorish stated.

The event is the annual dinner, previously known as Lincoln or Reagan Day Dinner, held by the Greenbrier County Republicans Club and is NOT a fundraiser for either Capito or Jenkins. The event has no connection at all to the Conservative Political Action Committee (not Conference) which is better known as C-PAC. This year’s dinner is titled the Trump Train Dinner at which conservatives will gather to celebrate the election of Donald Trump, who was overwhelmingly supported by West Virginia voters.

Congressman Jenkins’ district covers 18-20 counties which makes it difficult to hold town hall meetings in all of them. Last summer in the wake of the flood disaster Congressman Jenkins was actively present. In fact, a number of mayors complimented his efforts to help after that disaster.

Next, the editorialist credits Senator Manchin with singlehandedly securing the miners health and pension benefits. Both Senator Capito and Congressman Jenkins as well as the senators from the coal mining states (mostly Republican) worked equally hard. Nobody has ever asked the question “how did the powerful UMWA fail to secure proper funding of these plans while the now bankrupt companies were flourishing?” How about an “Opinion” on that occurrence?

Ellen Lorish, I too am appalle at the incorrect assertions in the third paragraph of your Letter to the Editor.

Douglas E. McKinney, President

Greenbrier County Republican Club

P.S. If you missed getting aboard for the Trump Train Dinner this year the Greenbrier Republican Club members hope you’ll get on board next year.