Rahall Report

Statement on 4th anniversary of Upper Big Branch Mine tragedy

U.S. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV) this week issued the following statement on the 4th Anniversary of Upper Big Branch Mine Tragedy:

“On the 4th Anniversary of the tragic explosion at the Upper Big Branch Mine, I am reminded of the good men we lost far too young, of those injured, of the families that still mourn and the communities that were forever altered. The Upper Big Branch miners are still owed our full energies and every effort to ensure that such a tragedy will never occur again. Failing to legislate to close safety loopholes exploited by Massey is akin to condoning the corrupt culture that resulted in so many unnecessary fatalities.

“There is much more to defending coal country than fighting against the EPA. To be a champion for coal, one has to be a champion for the coal miner. Defense of the coal miner cannot stop at the mouth of the mine. It also must follow him into the mine, ensuring that working conditions are as safe and healthy as we possibly can make them. Our obligation to the 29 souls we lost four years ago is long overdue.”

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