Public Meetings For August 17,2013

Ronceverte Cemetery Trustees
will meet at 6 p.m. Monday, Aug. 19 in Ronceverte City Hall. Agenda items include:
• Finance report
• Cemetery maintenance and repairs
• Other business
Lewisburg City Council
will meet Tuesday, Aug. 20 at 7:30 p.m. at Lewisburg City Hall, 942 Washington Street West, in the Paul R. Cooley Council Chamber. On the agenda:
• Visitors’ Reports (10-minute limit per subject not on the agenda)
– Dan Conant, Community Power Network
• Approval of Minutes – Regular Session, July 16, 2013
• Communication from the Mayor
– Farmers market report
– Lewisburg Water System AWOP Award Presentation
– Recognition of thanks to Boy Scouts
– Appointment of Tree Warden
– Park Commission Appointment
• Resolutions
– Resolution 427 – Lewisburg L&R Trail Phase Ill Agreement
– Resolution 428 – In support of designation pseudoephedrine products
available by prescription only
• Communication from City Council members
• Communication from Boards and Commissions
– Planning Commission Report – No meeting was held
– Parks Commission Report
– Report from Aug. 14 meeting
• Communication from Police Department
– Report from Chief Stover
• Communication from Fire Department
– Report from Chief Pennington
• Communication from Council Committees
– Finance Committee
– Report from Aug. 13 meeting
– Water System Improvements Contract No. 4 Water Treatment
Plant Pay Request No. 2
– City National Bank Green Space Expansion Agreement
– Public Works Committee
– Report from Aug. 13 meeting
–  Boy Scout Projects Follow Up Report
– Public Safety Committee
– Report from Aug. 12 meeting
Greenbrier Valley Conservation District
Board of Supervisors
will meet Thursday, Aug. 22 in the conference room of the Lewisburg USDA Service Center at 7 p.m. On the agenda:
• Financial and Budget Reports; Office Space Lease/Reimbursable Agreement with FSA; Funding Requests for FY14 Ag Enhancement Program, FY14 Howard Creek O&M, FY14 CDO, and 319 Second Creek; Ag Enhancement Program approvals, cancellations, extensions and payments; Howard Creek Channel Weir/Water Line; Committee Reports; 319 Contracts/Amendments/Payments; Dry Hydrant installations; Nominations for Supervisor of the Year, conservation farms, Conservation Association of the Year, grassland farms and honorary memberships; Conflict of Interest Statements; promotional items and Upper Knapps Creek Site 24 Repairs. The public is welcome to attend.

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