Proud of WVSOM


Dear Editor:

It is always exciting to get the Mountain Messenger and see what is happening in Lewisburg. “WVSOM confirms three project developments” really caught my eye. The school was the best thing that ever happened to Lewisburg. They have taken the old campus of GMS which was badly deteriorated and made it into a beautiful showplace. The plans now will make it even more beautiful and just about any small town would welcome a medical school to their area.

The school has been of great interest to me over the years. As Administrator of Greenbrier Manor at the time the school first opened we suffered some of the growing pains with them. Now, to see what it has become makes me very proud to have been a small part of it. After I retired I worked in the Clinical Evaluation Program and saw first hand how the students were so eager to learn and go out as physicians into the rural areas where they were needed. Their instructors were very dedicated and this program and school was bound to succeed.

Lewisburg is truly blessed to have the school and we are eagerly watching as it grows and becomes even better.

Brownie Dunn

Inverness, FL