Progressive CEOS meet


Barbara Shiley was hostess to ten members of the Progressive CEOS when they met at the Extension Office for their May meeting. Co-President Barbara Shiley presided over the meeting as she welcomed everyone. Since no one had signed up to do the Health Motivator Tip, Barbara Shiley led us in a few arm and leg exercises.

Some upcoming meetings that we were reminded of are Achievement Day on May 25 at the WVU Building at the fairgrounds. We are to provide a morning shack and two door prizes. Kitty Loudermilk will provide the morning snack and the door prizes will be provided by Patty Gray and Barbara Shiley.

The Beckley area meeting will be held May 16 at Twin Falls. This year’s theme is “Focus on Wyoming County.”

Lunch & Learn, Quinoa & Quilling was held at the Extension Office on May 17. We learned ways to cook quinoa, which is a plant based protein. Also, we learned the basics of quilling. We brought lunch and drinks were provided.

Patty reported on attending last month’s lunch & learn. There were two changes made in our meeting times which are July 11 instead of July 4 and Dec. 12 instead of Dec. 5.

Betty Jo McNeel brought the traveling basket and Patty Gray took it home with her.

Jean Foley was chosen to take the friendship quilt home with her to keep for a year and she will bring it back next year to be passed along to the next lucky person. This is a quilt made by the club members and we voted to pass it along this way so everyone could get a chance of enjoying it.

Kitty Loudermilk will check on the Salt Cave in White Sulphur Springs for our July meeting.

The door prize was a wreath and was won by Mary Liz Richmond.

The program “Addiction” was given by Patty Gray. She said West Virginia has one of the highest opioid prescription rates with an average of 138 prescriptions written for every adult. Drug abuse affects people from every social level, academic level and ethnic level. There are ways to help the addicted by seeding professional help. We need to understand that the addicted person needs help to get off of the drugs. They can’t do it alone. Share knowledge with community members about addiction by educating yourself and your neighbor communities can begin to enjoy drug free communities.

Delicious refreshments were served and everyone enjoyed a time of fellowship followed by picture taking.

Those present at the meeting were: Thelma Berkley, Dot Feamster, Chris Gowing, Patty Gray, Colleen Walton, Betty Jo McNeel, Mary Liz Richmond, Jean Foley, Kitty Loudermilk and Barbara Shiley.