Progressive CEOS meet to work on scrapbook

Seven members of the Progressive CEOS met in the Gwen Clingman building behind Hill & Holler for their November meeting.

Patty Gray opened the meeting by welcoming everyone.

Patty reported that Mary Liz Richmond had resigned her post as Treasurer. She had been Treasurer for a long time. Patty will fill in until a replacement is found.

Betty Jo McNeel led the group in a series of exercises while seated for the Health Motivator report.

Patty brought the club’s friendship quilt to show us that she had added the four members’ names on it.

Kitty Loudermilk brought the traveling basket and passed it on to Patty who will bring it back next month filled with goodies.

We filled out committee reports and have them ready to be mailed in as they are due Nov. 30.

Cards were filled out for Mary Liz Richmond who is in The Season and Linda Schmidt who moved to Nebraska.

Instead of a program, we worked on the scrapbook. It didn’t take long as we have missed several meetings due to COVID.

The next meeting will be our Christmas Party which will be at the Dutch Haas Restaurant.

The door prize was won by Faye Honaker.

Assorted snack items were enjoyed for refreshments.

Fellowship and picture taking followed.

Those in attendance were: Barbara Shiley, Kitty Loudermilk, Lynn Humphreys, Faye Honaker, Colleen Walton and Betty Jo McNeel as hostess.

Faye Honaker (left), Colleen Walton, Lynn Humphreys, Barbara Shiley, Patty Gray, and Kitty Loudermilk (Betty Jo McNeel took the picture)

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