Progressive CEOS meet in March

Barbara Shiley was hostess to 13 members of the Progressive CEOS for their March meeting. President Kitty Loudermilk opened the meeting by welcoming everyone and then she gave the meditations.

There were 7,330 exercise minutes recorded.

Kitty reported that she, Barbara Shiley and Betty Jo McNeil had attended the Healthy Lunch n’ Learn meeting at the Blue Ribbon Center at the fairgrounds. The club was reminded of the Lesson Leader Training Meeting at the Clifton Presbyterian Church in Maxwelton on Monday, Mar. 7 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Kitty will take a breakfast item. We are to bring our own lunch and drinks will be provided. Chris Gowings announced the Alderson Quilters Group will have a display of quilts at the Visitor’s Center during the month of March.

Dot Feamster brought the traveling basket and passed it on to Kitty who will bring it back next month.

The next meeting will be with Kitty. Faye Honaker will have the program “Tips to Declutter” followed by a White Elephant auction.

The program “How Glass Molded West Virginia” was given by Barbara.

A 1938 survey listed 62 glass plants in West Virginia. Blenko started a glass house in West Virginia in 1921. The firing process is what creates either porcelain or fine china. If finished product is fired at 2650°F, it is more durable and known as porcelain. If it is fired at a lower temperature (2260°F), it is known as fine china. It is softer than porcelain and more suitable as plates and cups. Porcelain is strong and durable and suitable for a wide range of industrial applications such as electrical insulators.

Bone china undergoes two firing processes. The addition of home ash gives bone china a warm color while fine china will be a brighter white.

The Museum of America Glass in West Virginia was established in Weston West Virginia in 1933 and is open to the public.

Barbara showed several pieces of West Virginia glass that she has.

Delicious refreshments and fellowship time were enjoyed by Mary Liz Richmond, Thelma Berkley, Faye Honaker, Chris Gowings, Betty Jo McNeil, Colleen Walton, Kitty Loudermilk, Dot Feamster, Betty Rutherford, Patty Gray, Linda Schmidt, Jean Foley and Barbara Shiley.


Barbara Shiley, hostess and lesson leader
Barbara Shiley, hostess and lesson leader

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