Progressive CEOS meet in November

Barbara Shiley was hostess to the Progressive CEOS when they met for their November meeting. Patty Gray welcomed everyone and opened the meeting with her WV History question, “In what county did Rockefeller do vista work?” Kitty Loudermilk answered correctly with “Kanawha.”
For our meditations, everyone told of something they were thankful for.
There were 12,750 exercise minutes and 218 volunteer hours reported for the month.
Barbara gave the Health Motivator report. This month’s food is the pomegranate. She had one which she cut open and let us taste the seeds. Then we did an exercise shaking our hands as if we were holding a pomegranate in various positions.
The committee reports were finished and ready to turn in.
Barbara has the traveling basket and will bring it back next month.
The workshop at Rupert on Nov. 15 is a thankfulness one. We are to share Thanksgiving food demonstrations, crafts, special stories, or songs. We are also to bring canned food items to be donated to the local food banks.
This year the club will not do a needy family or gift exchange at Christmas time. We will put the money that would have been donated to both and make a donation to Penny Pitch.
Our next meeting will be held on Dec. 3 at 1 p.m. It will be held at the Dutch Haus Restaurant at the airport. Dot Feamster will be in charge of making the arrangements.
Barbara gave a very interesting and informative program on Irish and Scottish Influence on Appalachia. She said the mountainous terrain reminded them of their homeland and let them continue with a lot of their family traditions and customs. They brought the fiddle to Appalachia and many musicians began playing variations of traditional Irish hornpipes, reels and jigs.
Even in quilt making the Irish and Scottish influences were noted. To learn more information on the Irish and Scottish culture, please visit your local library or plan a trip to the annual Irish Spring Festival in Lewis County held each March.
Delicious refreshments were enjoyed by Chris Gowings, Kitty Loudermilk, Thelma Berkley, Betty Rutherford, Ginny Arthur, Faye Honaker, Patty Gray, Colleen Walton, Jean Foley and Barbara Shiley.

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