Progressive CEOS meet in March


Lynn Humphreys, hostess and lesson leader, shows off her cake at March Progressive CEOS meeting.

Lynn Humphreys was hostess to ten members of the Progressive CEOS when they met at the Extension Office for their March meeting.

The meeting was opened by Co-President, Barbara Shiley. She also gave the meditations using an article written by native Americans; “The Four Elements of Relationship.”

Patty Gray gave the monthly Health Motivator Tip. It was on the brain again this month. She said some activities to help keep the brain healthy are: read, play games, learn something new, volunteer, do the math without using the calculator, learn a new sport, challenge yourself and play games and puzzles of all sorts.

There were 19 baby blankets turned in from the club for the Read Aloud Program. Barbara Shiley brought the traveling basket and Dot Feamster took it home and will bring it back next month filled with goodies.

Some upcoming meetings are:

  • Mar. 21 – Lunch n’ Learn at the Extension Office – Bring a bag lunch
  • Mar. 23 – Lesson Leader and Leadership Training Workshop at Clifton Presbyterian Church – Bring a covered dish

The program “You can Have your Cake and Eat it Too” was given by Lynn Humphreys. Most people don’t like to exercise nor give up their dessert. There are ways to lessen the calories and improve the nutritional value. Replacing the oil with applesauce, finely grated squash pureed fruits or finely grated beets reduces calories and adds vitamins and minerals to your dessert.

In cake mixes, use all applesauce instead of oil. Using 1/3 cup of sugar instead of cup will save 120 calories. Tips and tricks for other desserts:

  • Make a deep dish fruit pie.
  • Bake pumpkin pie without crust.
  • Use mini chocolate chips.
  • When icing a cake, use a thin layer of icing.
  • Use smaller dishes.
  • Reduce serving sizes.
  • Share a dessert at a restaurant.

It takes 20 minutes for our brain to realize our stomach is full. Pay attention and stop when you begin to feel full.

For her refreshments, she served a cake with chocolate icing that she had made using some of her tips. It was enjoyed by all.

Those attending the meeting were Patty Gray, Faye Honaker, Kitty Loudermilk, Barbara Shiley, Betty Jo McNeil, Mary Liz Richmond, Dot Feamster, Thelma Berkley, Colleen Walton and Lynn Humphreys.

The CEOS are always looking for new members so if you are interested in joining, call the Extension Office for more information at 304-647-7408.

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