Progressive CEOS learn about household organization

Spring cleaning, decluttering, and organizing the household are on people’s minds this time of year. Wood County Extension Agents Jodi Smith and Gwen Crum prepared a lesson to make these tasks easier.

Progressive CEOS member Faye Honaker presented the information to ten members and one guest at the Apr. 5 meeting. She said we only use about 20 percent of the things we own and the rest is taking up space. People hang on to things for sentimental reasons or because they think things might be of use someday. Letting go is the first major step in organization. A recommended method is to use a four box system. Label three boxes Put Away, Give away/Sell, and Store. The fourth is a large trash can. Go through rooms one at a time, drawer by drawer, closet by closet and put things in the proper boxes. Labeling the things you keep helps you find them later. Use the OCI-OGO method to keep from adding to clutter – one comes in, one goes out.

The lesson was followed with an auction of white elephant treasures. The money raised will be sent to the Eastern Greenbrier County Food Bank.

Kitty Loudermilk was hostess for the meeting. The May 3 meeting will be held at the home of Jean Foley.

For information on joining a CEOS club in your area, contact the WVU Extension Office in Fairlea or call 304-647-7408.


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