Progressive CEOS learn about apples

Patty Gray was hostess to nine members of The Progressive CEOS when they met for their July meeting.
She opened the meeting with her news item from the past which was: In 1981, President Reagan appointed Sandra Day O’Connor, the first female to the Supreme Court.
Faye Honaker gave the Motivator Tip for the month which was on what we drink. This affects our bones, teeth, weight and hydration level. We should go with nutrient-rich drinks. Lowfat milk and calcium-fortified juices are the best while you should limit drinks with caffeine like coffee, tea and soft drinks. Studies have proven that drinking soft drinks will lower bone density and make you prone to increased fractures and some disease risks.
Patty reminded us that the deadline for the poetry and short story contest is Aug. 1.
Some upcoming meetings are: July 13 – Planning meeting at the Rupert Library and Sept. 14 – Fall Leadership Day at WVU Building at the Fairgrounds.
Betty Rutherford is recuperating in the Brier Nursing Home and would appreciate visits and cards.
Patty gave a very interesting and informative program on apples. Several old sayings were given: “An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away,” “Apple Polisher,” “Don’t Upset the Apple Cart,” “The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” “Baseball, Hotdogs and Apple Pie.” She showed an apple corer, apple peeler and a food mill that you can use in apple preparation. U.S. consumers eat more than 50 pounds of apples per year. West Virginia has historic ties to apple production. Grimes Golden Apples and Golden Delicious Apples are both native to West Virginia. The Golden Delicious Apple has been honored as the official state fruit of West Virginia.
She said a medium sized apple is packed with nutrients and provides nearly 20 percent of daily requirement for fiber. It has no saturated fats or cholesterol and is an excellent source of antioxidants. An apple has 14 percent of the daily requirements for Vitamin C and 2 percent of the daily requirements of Vitamin A, calcium and iron and is also low in calories. She handed out apple recipes (from the members) which she had compiled in a booklet.
For her refreshments, she served a fruit and chicken salad plate which was greatly enjoyed by all. She gave samples to everyone to take home.
The next meeting will be reorganization with Faye Honaker. Kitty Loudermilk will have meditations and motivator tips. We are to bring items for the Family Refuge Center.
Barbara Shiley won the door prize.


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