Progressive CEOS enjoy picnic lunch

The Progressive CEO’s met on Kitty Loudermilk’s patio for their July meeting with ten members present. This was a bag lunch picnic with the hostess providing drink and dessert. They ate lunch first and then had the program and business part before dessert.
The county wide picnic on July 19 was discussed. Those who are going are to meet at the Methodist Church parking lot at 10:30 a.m. and then carpool. They will take items for the Family Refuge Center at a later time.
The program was given by Kitty. She said the food we eat is the fuel for our body. We should make the right choices and educate ourselves on how and what we eat. It has been recommended that we drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
The Motivator Tip for the month was given by Faye Honaker. The theme for July is family get-togethers. She said we should be aware how to use our grills safely. Be sure to wash hands and surfaces often. Use separate plates for raw and cooked foods when grilling. Don’t leave foods at room temperature for longer than two hours. Keep cold foods cold and hot foods hot. A person can become sick anytime between one hour and six weeks after eating contaminated foods.
Six club members had toured Bear Town last month. Kitty read a poem she had written about it.
Barbara Shiley and Kitty were co-hostesses and they served a delicious Greenbrier Bread Pudding with sauce for dessert.
The members enjoying the dessert were Patty Gray, Lynn Humphreys, Mary Liz Richmond, Dot Feamster, Faye Honaker, Colleen Walton, Jean Foley, Barbara Shiley and Kitty Loudermilk.

Kitty Loudermilk CEOS Hostess bw

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