Progressive CEOs Club reorganizes

Eleven members of the Progressive CEOs met with Faye Honaker for their reorganizational meeting. Co-President Barbara Shiley opened the meeting with her meditations by reading “We’re Going to the Mountains” and “Giraffes Can’t Dance.”

Barbara led the group in some simple exercises for her motivator activity. Patty Gray reported that four members had attended the county picnic last month. Those attending were Patty Gray, Lynn Humphreys, Betty Jo McNeil and Barbara Shiley.

If any are interested in entering the writing contest or poetry contest, the deadline is Aug. 15.

Colleen Walton recorded 1731 volunteer hours for the club for the year.

The club members planned to meet Tuesday, Aug. 9 at 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Lewisburg Methodist Church to finish tying the six quilts which are for the Quilts for Kids Project.

Copies of the Member Code of Conduct were given to each member who were to read it and sign it. They will be taken to the Extension Office to be filed.

Barbara brought the traveling basket and Betty Jo McNeil took it home with her.

The next meeting will be with Patty Gray. The club always welcomes new members so if anyone is interested in joining a CEO group, contact the extension office for more information.

Since this was our reorganization meeting that meant selecting new officers, lessons, lesson leaders and hostesses. All of the officers and committee chairmen agreed to keep their position.

The following lessons, leaders and hostesses were chosen.

January: No Meeting

February: Purposeful Reading – Leader, Colleen Walton – Hostess, Colleen Walton at Extension Office

March: Have your Cake and Eat it Too – Linda Schmidt and Lynn Humphreys at Extension Office

April – Cameroon: A Melting Pot of Africa – Leader, Kaye Davis – Hostess, Chris Gowing at Extension Office

May – Addiction: Community Crisis – Leader, Patty Gray – Hostess, Barbara Shiley

June – Long Term Flood Recovery – Leader, Danny Gray – Hostess, Kitty Loudermilk

July – Seven Natural Wonders of WV (Trip) – Kitty Loudermilk will coordinate

August – Reorganization Meeting – Hostess Faye Honaker

September – Eating Out of Your Comfort Zone – (Covered Dish) – Leader, Patty Gray – Hostess, Patty Gray

October – Canning Jars – Leader, Linda Schmidt – Hostess, Linda Schmidt

November – Scrapbook: Preserving Memories – Leader, Betty Jo McNeil – Hostess, Betty Jo McNeil

December – Christmas Party at Food & Friends – Mary Liz Richmond

Those enjoying the delicious refreshments and fellowship were: Patty Gray, Barbara Shiley, Betty Jo McNeil, Thelma Berkley, Chris Gowing, Kitty Loudermilk, Jean Foley, Mary Liz Richmond, Linda Schmidt, Colleen Walton and Faye Honaker.



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