Pro Careers providing caregiver needs


Greenbrier Valley Theatre was the venue for Pro Careers Annual Personal Attendant Training on Thursday, Jan. 11. Pro Careers provides homemaker services for the WV A&D WAIVER Program, for Veterans in the VA Community Based Program, and for Private Pay Homemaker Services.

J.T. Hunter, Family Service Coordinator for the WV Alzheimer’s Association, spoke about providing care for our Alzheimer’s patients. It is a challenge and requires much patience. J.T. brought personal experience to the presentation as he has cared for a loved one with this disease.

Sgt. Bart Baker of the Greenbrier County Sheriff’s Department explained to the group that illicit drug activity is county wide and that this can easily escalate into Elder Abuse. He introduced Project Life Saver which is a program for persons who tend to wander off – the person wears a band and if they should wander off, a radio transmitter can track their location. For information on this life saving device, call the Sheriff’s Department.

Missy Van Buren, Provider Relations/Marketing Coordinator for Hospice Care, then shared information with the group about End of Life Care for terminal patients. She said that people are sometimes misinformed about Hospice and the service it provides. Hospice is about the patient and the goal is to provide quality of time that people have left Amy Jasperse, Pharmacist and Diabetes Educator, currently serving Greenbrier, Pocahontas, Monroe and Summers counties, discussed with the homemakers the potential for skin breakdown as it relates to diabetes and how the homemaker can be the first line of defense in preventing skin breakdown which can lead to diabetic ulcers, decubs, and the worse case scenario, resulting in amputation.

Austin Midkiff, EMT for Greenbrier County, also continued with the importance of prevention. He emphasized to the audience that if they aren’t healthy, then they can’t provide care to others. Positive health and welfare affects everyone. If we think in terms of prevention, then there might be less need for first aid treatment or the need for EMS transport.

The last speaker also explained that proper body mechanics can prevent homemaker injuries. Pixote McClung, OPT, with Greenbrier Valley Physical Therapy, demonstrated proper body mechanics and she spoke on fall prevention and safety in assisting someone up from a fall.

Completing the day’s activities, the Personal Attendants split into teams and played JEOPARDY. Alex Trebek was engaged and couldn’t come to Lewisburg, but Tina Midkiff, Service Coordinator for Pro Careers, attempted to fill his shoes. The game consisted of various categories pertaining to Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, HIPAA, Falls, Medical, Person Centered Planning, Workplace Safety, Emergency Planning, Extreme Situations, Cultural Sensitivity and Oxygen Safety completed the day’s activities.

If you know of someone who is in need of personal attendant services or for an employment opportunity, please phone Pro Careers at 304-645-7420.