Plea deal in the works for Serreno murder case

By Bobby Bordelon

The case brought against Amanda Serreno for the murder of Chasity Hamm could see a resolution soon within the Greenbrier County Circuit Court under Judge Robert Richardson. In a status hearing on Monday, October 5, the prosecution, defense, and Richardson spoke of a plea deal between the parties that has not yet been accepted by the court.

“The court notes that the parties have submitted to the court a written plea agreement dated September 29,” said Richardson. “I understand that we would need to set this matter for a change of plea hearing.”

In the October 2019 Greenbrier County Grand Jury indictments, Serreno was charged with one count of murder in relation to the death of Chasity Faye Hamm, attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, attempt to kill or injure by poison, and concealment of a deceased human body.

“[Thomas Dunbar] and [Serreno] attempted to slay, kill, and murder one Chasity F. Hamm by administering to [Hamm], intravenously, a combination of methamphetamine, a Schedule II controlled substance, and insulin, with the intention of killing Hamm,” reads the indictment.

Serreno was also indicted with accessory after the fact to Shaela Lynn McCoy Abren’s murder.

Although the details of a potential deal have not yet been heard, a hearing has been set for the court to decide to move forward with the deal or not. Prosecuting Attorney Patrick Via requested the hearing take place in a few weeks to allow for more time to work out a few details.

“I would ask for maybe at least a couple of weeks,” said Via. “There are some logistical associated with a portion of Ms. Serreno’s cooperation agreement that is set forth in that plea agreement.”

Richardson agreed to this, setting a change of plea hearing for later this month.