Plants give back during times of crisis

We look for ways to find comfort during times of crisis. America in Bloom, a national non-profit, encourages citizens to take advantage of the opportunity to incorporate flowers, trees, shrubs, and other plants into their lives.

“From Victory Gardens during World Wars I and II to therapy gardens for people of all ages and abilities, plants have given back to us during times of crisis and need. While flowers, plants, and trees certainly add beauty to the environment, they also have economic, environmental, and health and well-being benefits for people who activity participate in planting, or even passively appreciate the beauty these add to the landscape,” said Laura Kunkle, America in Bloom executive director. “Studies have proven flowers, trees, and other plants increase property values; add to our supply of oxygen, sequester carbon, add to soil stability, and help to ameliorate pollution. And these same plants put people in better moods, increase social interaction, relieve stress, and help to create pride of place.”

As people practice social distancing, one’s home environment takes on more importance. Gardening, whether vegetable or flower, gives us access to sunshine, fresh air, and exercise. These combine to increase our mental and physical health in this time of extreme uncertainly and stress.

America in Bloom’s website at www.AmericaInBloom.org has a library of resources outlining the benefits of plants, and includes a compendium of the benefits of flowers, plants, and trees that can be downloaded directly from the AIB website at www.americainbloom.org/resources/.