Why people protest

Dear Editor:

I, too, read Mr. Jonathan Wright’s vaguely fascistic article taking to task those protesters who spend much of their time opposing the ascendant status quo in West Virginia and beyond where the citizen is increasingly slotted dead last with corporate America lording their power and influence over the working classes both high and low. The reinvention and rise of American fascism could very well be headed for full bloom in the years ahead. And where did this rise begin? The inauguration of Ronald Reagan in January, 1981 is the benchmark square one. His resounding suppression and firing of the nation’s air traffic controllers was the first mighty blow against organized labor in America, and his economic policies kicked off the polarization of wealth in this country resulting in the income inequality we as Americans are now suffering. Indeed, is not our middle class more marginalized than ever before? As for the poor, they are of no consequence.

Now, take a look at the photograph on page 3D of the May 2, 2015, issue of this paper. There’s Mr. Ray Canterbury and Mr. George Ambler, both legislative delegates who voted to rescind WV mine safety laws during the most recent legislative session so corporate coal could make a few more $$ on the backs of the rank and file. Third District Congressman Evan Jenkins is present also, a gentleman who personifies fascism with a Koch brothers face, bought and paid for, you can rest assured. Also, WV Attorney General Patrick Morrissey, the right wing ideologue, stands with them. His opposition to basic services for women, as well as the poor, are well known, and if he should happen to be elected WV’s governor in 2016, the citizens of our wonderful state will be mid-century digging themselves out of the Morrissey hole. Present also is Brent Benjamin, who is a close personal friend of the criminally indicted Mr. Don Blankenship of Upper Big Branch Mine fame, who is soon to get his, no doubt. Mr. Benjamin had to be enjoined by the U.S. Supreme Court in conflict of interest matters, and thus remanded to recuse himself in business before the WV Supreme Court involving monetary affairs concerning Mr. Blankenship. Former WV GOP Chairman Dr. Doug McKinney is also pictured, and he is most certainly in lockstep with the other five, abetting their every move. All six of these scalawags appear fawningly with their very best smiles around a photograph of Mr. Reagan as if such as this will carry the day for them and America. And who knows, perhaps it will, at least for them, you may be certain.

But, now Mr. Wright, this is why people protest, why they are angry that our politicians have allowed corporate America and their cronies to usurp both the pocketbook and spirit of the American people. And as such, the cries of protest will only get louder and more strident. We cannot all be of the fascist stripe, and today’s brand of such could prove to be even more insidious and ultimately dangerous to the world than the overt incarnation of fascism during WWII against which so many fine Americans went to battle, many of whom lost their lives defending equality and freedom for all. What is it about for all that people do not understand? For all is where America gathers its strength, and for now, for all is on the run. So, it is now up to the citizens of West Virginia as well as all of America to raise their heads and let their voices be heard in an outcry of alarm and discontent.

Look about you, do not look away or cast your eyes upon the ground. Demand what is ours. Critical times have arrived, Mr. Wright.


Jonathan McLaughlin



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