Pastor Lowell O’Dell speaks to Spa City Rotary Club

Charles Burr, Pastor Lowell O'Dell & Emory Bowyer 11-21-13Pastor Lowell O’Dell (center), of the Wild Meadow Baptist Church, in White Sulphur Springs, spoke to the White Sulphur Springs Rotary Club. He was introduced by club member Charles Burr (left) and welcomed by Club President Emory Bowyer (right). O’Dell encouraged all to remember our blessings and the plight of others in the world, as well as our neighbors. Even though our 16th century ancestors had a rough time, they set the tone of being thankful. Club members agree in wishing all in our city of White Sulphur Springs and our neighbors, far and wide, a very happy and safe Thanksgiving week. The White Sulphur Springs Club will not meet on Thanksgiving day, Thursday, Nov. 28. The next meeting will be Thursday, Dec. 5.


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