Park upgrades come at a great time for socially-distanced fun

By Sarah Richardson

Frank Johnson (left), Mayor Beverly White, and Sarah Elkins stand with the refurbished playground equipment at Dorie Miller Park.

Dorie Miller Park has seen some recent equipment updates as the site continues a comprehensive overhaul to upgrade the space. The large playground has been refurbished and new swing additions, educational signage, updated bathrooms, and more have been added.

Mayor Beverly White, Parks Commission Chair Sarah Elkins, and Parks Commission member Frank Johnson held a walkthrough of the park’s plans for the future.

The concrete base for a new shelter has been poured beside the updated parking lot, an addition that Mayor White is excited about.

Mayor White (left) inspects a new spinning roundabout, while Elkins (center) scales the climbing dome under Johnson’s supervision.

“We still have the shelter to build,” she said, “with winter coming it might be done in early spring of next year. All of these new additions and upgrades have come in over the past month. We are very excited about the whole park and the new sidewalk to the shelter.”

The sidewalk, which is still in the process of securing funding, will run “from Court Street up Feamster Road, and all the way to the new shelter,” said White. “The bids for the Feamster Road portion haven’t gone out yet, and we are also working on a sidewalk for 219 North.”

Megan Pozzie and her son, Roger, enjoy the new double-seated swings.

While all the major updates are finished, except for the shelter, new educational pieces are still coming in and being installed, as well as a shaded bench and other odds and ends. The base for a merry-go-round is installed, and the merry-go-round itself will soon be added.

One swingset has received an intuitive new update with the addition of a swing that allows a parent to sit and swing with their child. The double-seated swing has a regularly sized seat for an adult, with a smaller seat balanced and hanging at eye-level for a child.

“Come out and enjoy it, especially during these times,” said White.