Open letter to Congressman Rahall

Dear Congressman Rahall:

I am writing to call your attention to the C-130 Hercules cargo aircraft practicing landings over Lewisburg.

This is a huge aircraft. It has six engines and came in at 500 feet. The gas tank holds 30 tons of gasoline.

Since this is an Air Force training program the West Virginia Air National Guard should use an Air Force base and not a civilian airport to avoid endangering the citizens of Lewisburg.

This airplane has been known to stall as the pilot attempted to climb away because it is so large and heavy.

In 2002, the Interior Dept. cancelled its contract for all heavy tankers (the C-130 Hercules) after wings came off during a pull-out.

And the same year two engines flamed out due to fuel starvation during a touch and go landing.

I cordially request that your office put a stop to this practice.

Robert Head


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