One Day At A Time: One Woman’s Journey

By Tanya Hazelwood

A Whole New Year

I can’t believe it’s already a new year. What a rollercoaster 2013 was! I found my list of New Year’s resolutions for 2013 and I had to share these with you. 1 – Closer relationship with God (I think I nailed that one). 2 – Read the Bible (this goal was to read it from cover to cover, I didn’t accomplish this but I can say that I opened my Bible a lot more than I ever have). 3 – Get re-Baptized (I didn’t do this, came close, but didn’t follow through). 4 – Eat healthier, reduce fast food (well, I blew this one). 5 – Get fit, exercise more (blew this one, too). 6 – Get legal issues expunged (this I did and I am satisfied with the results). 7 – Work on credit score (ooops, let this one slide). 8 – Do volunteer work (at the beginning of the year when I was excited about this list I went straight to the Family Refuge Center and signed up to volunteer, I kept after them and for some reason was never allowed to volunteer, BUT, I have found my own way to volunteer to help with others and I feel really good about it). 9 – Drink less (this one kills me. You see, I still didn’t admit I was an alcoholic, I said drink LESS, not STOP DRINKING, the first half of the year I blew, but the second half I think I’ve rocked!). 10 – Work on marital issues (I believe the problems we had were due to my drinking, things got so much better after June and I sought counseling). 11 – Gossip less (I think I’ve done fairly good at this, I do find that around certain people I do participate more in gossip than I should). 12 – Stop cussing (not entirely but I have improved, dang it!). 13 – Take classes (Did this and am still doing this!) 14 – Make monthly goal list (shucks, I forgot about this one, but it’s a good idea) 15 – Keep a journal (again, I was so excited about these goals I created an online blog that I just swore I was going to write on daily, that lasted about a week I believe, but low and behold, I think I can count this little column as a journal, can’t I?).

So there it is, these were my 2013 New Year’s resolutions. Some I did and some I didn’t. Maybe I set too many goals on myself but the best thing that happened to me was my choice to become sober. The first six months of the year were miserable. I can tell by looking at this list that I was looking for help, to better myself, but I was still blinded by my disease. It wasn’t until I admitted that I was in fact an alcoholic, did my life turn around. The second half of the year was amazing. I don’t think I am going to make an actual list for 2014, but I will resolve to be better than I was in 2013 (both halves). So many good things to look forward to this coming year, my one year sobriety, my granddaughter’s birth, my 40th birthday and continuing to excel in my profession and my ability to help others. I hope each of you find peace and love in abundance in the new year and remember to smile at least once a day. Happy New Year, I love you all.



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