One Day At A Time: One Woman’s Journey

By Tanya Hazelwood

Undeserving? I don’t think so.

As many of you are aware my life has been a little consumed this past week with help a fellow by the name of Joe. For those who don’t know, he was a homeless guy with no legs found living on the river trail. Long story short I felt compelled to help this man. Since then I have been running into a lot of negativity about this man and whether he was deserving of help when he clearly has a drinking problem. I gotta tell you that really sets a fire under my butt. How dare anyone judge a man because he has a disease.

People like Joe are MORE deserving of help. Alcohol has obviously destroyed this man’s life and people feel that he should be left to sleep under a rock because of it. Not me. I am not equipped to think that way. The very first conversation I had with Joe the smell of booze hit me full force in the face. I knew right then why I was the one called to help. Now that we have Joe secured in a warm, safe place maybe now it’s time to work on getting him help for alcoholism.

I am broken-hearted at some of our community who are so heartless and not understanding of the depths that alcoholism can take you. I thank God I never lost everything because of my drinking but I could have, very easily. We all could lose our touch with reality when we get sucked into an addiction and when we can’t get out by ourselves we need people to help us.

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